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The Cyclops Revenge is Scheduled for Release in 2016!
Second Chance

Second Chance Hardcover Available Now! Paperback Coming in February 2016

Hospital pharmacist Alex Benedict is engulfed in a perpetual battle against death in his professional life and haunted by its grim specter on a personal level.

Benedict happens upon a shocking piece of evidence, leading him to conclude that one of Tidewater Regional Medical Center’s own pharmacists may be involved in the demise of several patients.

Second Chance is another brilliantly woven tale of suspense and intrigue in the world of pharmacy. Perry challenges his readers with a clever, fast-paced plot offering bombshell twists at every turn.

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Best Seller Grabs You and Refuses To Let Go!

Jason Rodgers has harbored a devastating secret for thirteen years. It's a secret that nearly ended his career and cost him his true love, Christine Pettigrew.

After the death of his mentor, Christine's father, Jason encounters her for the first time in more than a decade. He is assaulted by the circumstances surrounding his teacher's death. The pair is drawn into a search for answers and find themselves plunged into an intrigue reaching far beyond their simple lives...

Learn why ForeWord Clarion Reviews calls The Cyclops Conspiracy "a page-turner."

About David Perry

David has drawn on his two decades of experience as a pharmacist to craft, The Cyclops Conspiracy. Come behind the counter for a glimpse into the high-stress, fast-paced world of pharmacy.

A graduate of one of the oldest and most prestigious colleges of pharmacy in the country, David has dedicated his life to helping patients better their lives through the use of healing medications in consultation with doctors and nurses in both hospital and community settings. David has experience in therapy treating HIV, cancers and diabetes. He is also a certified immunization pharmacist who works in Newport News, Virginia.

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What People Are Saying…

Reviews for Second Chance…

“A wonderful read if you are not checking into a hospital anytime soon, otherwise it might be prudent to wait until you are home!”

-Rosemary Smith, NetGalley Reviewer

" and kept me awake all night long."

-Theresa Nelson, Net Galley Reviewer

“What a thriller! I could not put this book down once I started reading...Hopefully this is not the last we have heard of Alex Benedict!”

-Cindy Musslewhite, NetGalley Reviewer

"There [are] not many books that keep me up reading all night, but this one I could not put down. It had my interest from the very first page. This is the best I have read so far this year. Looking forward to the next book from Mr. Perry. Shame I could not give it more stars than five."

-Julie's Reviews, Goodreads.

Reviews for The Cyclops Conspiracy…
"...a pharmacist's death turns into an adventure of international proportions in this fast-paced thriller by new author David Perry...The Cyclops Conspiracy features a well-crafted plot, skillfully written action scenes, and credible characters. Perry unravels the storyline with increasing speed...Perry quickly builds–and deftly sustains–a momentum that will have readers engrossed in this page-turner."

-ForeWord Clarion Reviews

"...a top-notch thriller that you won't want to put down!"

–David Compton, best-selling author of Executive Sanction

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